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First of all, this page is dedicated to learning and expanding your understanding of languages and learning of languages. To be even more specific, this page is dedicated to learning Spanish as a second language. To help you grasp this concept even better, perhaps you might want to read this article first before moving on to our other articles.

What Is Spanish?

Spanish is a Romance language, which means it derives from Latin, just like other Romance languages, such as French, Italian, Romanian or Portuguese. In addition to that, Spanish is not only spoken in Spain, in fact, but it is also spoken across Latin America. In addition to Mandarin Chinese and Hindi, Spanish has the largest number of speakers across the world as a first language. That’s right; it has a higher number of speakers than even English! Even though English has grown to become somewhat universal and in fact Lingua Franca (language that people use for cross-cultural communication), Spanish still has a huge number of speakers which should not be ignored.

Why Should I Learn Spanish When My Native Language Is English?

Applying that logic, there would not be any English majors, and yet there are. Even people whose native language is English still study it, so what’s wrong with studying a foreign language? Surely, the majority of people will speak English to you, but this makes no difference. You should still try to learn a foreign language so that you would be able to communicate with people who’s native language is Spanish – IN Spanish.

How To Learn A Language Quickly

Whoever told you that you could learn a language overnight was lying to you. There are many things you should keep in mind when learning a language and the first one is to remember that it is a process and that you won’t be fluent right away. Also, people who have already some experience with learning languages usually find it easier to learn a new language because they already understand the language learning process and basic principles of language learning. In collaboration with Apple app site association we have prepared an app that will help you learn Spanish as a second language, so make sure you check it out!

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