Overcoming The Difficulties Of Learning Spanish As A Second Language

There are many hurdles and obstacles one must go through when learning a foreign language. Overcoming these difficulties can make a difference between continuing your progress or ceasing to learn. Here are some things you might want to know about the difficulties in language learning that will help you learn Spanish as a second language more efficiently.

Being Unable To Pronounce It Correctly

If you start to learn a language as an adult, the language learning process will, of course, differ than the language learning process and language acquisition process that occurs in children or young learners. Being unable to pronounce something correctly might leave you frustrated, and a lot of adult learners will regress in their progress, unwilling to make fools out of themselves.


Children and young learners, on the other hand, do not have such mental constraints. In addition to that, once your brain is fully formed, it can be close to impossible to pronounce certain sounds you have not pronounced or heard so far. The main reason for it lies in the fact that your brain cannot hear nor process these sounds like something new, it rather relates it to the sounds that it already knows. However, once you know this, it might take some pressure off.

Being Unmotivated

The other red flag in language learning is motivation. You must understand that language is living matter, it grows, it evolves, it changes; both within language groups and in individuals. Once the language is not used, your knowledge will deteriorate – and this goes for all languages you use, including your native language.


If you would like to learn Spanish as a second language, you must be aware that it is a process that will last your entire life. Also keeping your motivation this entire time might demand work on your part. Here’s what you can do in order not to lose your language skills and improve each day:

Make A Habit Out Of It

Learning occurs even when you are not aware of it. Watching a movie without subs or reading a magazine will help you keep those language skills alive!