Why Learning Spanish As A Second Language Is A Great Idea!

First of all, I would like to give you an imaginary, Internet high-five if you have finally decided to learn Spanish as a second language! Yay, good for you – I am so excited for you!


Now that we have to get that out of our way, we can also talk about why it is a great idea – in case you are not convinced. This article will reassure you a choice of learning Spanish over learning other languages. So, are you ready? Let’s start!

Largest Number Of Speakers

When it comes to languages that have the largest number of speakers in the world, Spanish passes the grade. It is rated as number three on this list, with Mandarin Chinese on the first and Hindi on the second place. Since it is spoken across Latin America and in Europe, it makes it interesting for language learners.

Spanish As A Language Of Romance

Spanish, together with Italian, Romanian, French and Portuguese, belongs to the group of Romance languages which is to say they all derive from Latin. Latin has not spoken anymore which makes it an extinct language, although it is still widely used in science and law for example.


Since all romance languages have the reputation of being romantic and seductive, the same goes for Spanish. This is mostly based on biased beliefs. Nonetheless, Spanish does have a beautiful melody to it.

The Difference Between Spanish-es

schülerin lernt vokabelnJust like with your native tongue (presumably it is English) there are many variations of Spanish. This happens with all languages, and the reason for it is because language is a living matter. Therefore the speakers change it. Once you learn a dialect or a variety of a language, it most definitely does leave room for misunderstandings with people who speak other dialects of the same language. For a language learner, this may be discouraging. However, you should not worry. For the beginning try to learn as much as you can about the standard variety you think would benefit you the most, and as time progresses you will expand your knowledge.